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What Can You Do with an Empty Perfume Bottle?

What Can You Do with an Empty Perfume Bottle?

Issue Time:2022/07/11
You can recycle almost any perfume bottle, but what if you don't want to or for some reason can't recycle them? My advice is if you don't like clutter but ask yourself: what can I do with an empty perfume bottle? I have some ideas for you!

Here's what you can do with an empty perfume bottle

1. Refill perfume: Certain beauty brands can refill your empty perfume bottles so you can reuse them.

2. Storing homemade perfume: If you're trying to make perfume at home, how about using an old, empty perfume bottle for storage! Make it look a little more real!

3. Make a reed diffuser: Just pour some old perfume or some essential oils into an empty perfume bottle, put in a reed stick, and voila, you have a decorative reed diffuser

4. Make a lamp or chandelier: You can make an oil lamp out of old perfume bottles, or if you have a lot, then glue them together to create a chandelier effect!

5. Use as a tabletop: If you have a particularly gorgeous perfume bottle, how about using it as an ornament for your dining table or study table? Today, it has become a home decor trend.

6. Make a candle holder: If your empty perfume bottle has a wide base and is stable, how about considering making it a candle holder? It will look beautiful even on a nightstand or mantel, note: don't forget to rinse off any flammable liquids.

7. Use it as a vase: Empty perfume bottles look beautiful. Now it's even better if you add some flower buds or some green shoots to these gorgeous bottles and use them as vases. 

8. Make bathroom decorations: Empty perfume bottles are especially eye-catching on bathroom shelves. You can pour colored water or some glitter into the white water and watch them decorate your bathroom.

9. Use them as sunscreens: So glass perfume bottles reflect the best light. When sunlight passes through the crystal, a beautiful rainbow appears. It could be an interesting object to put on a windowsill. 

10. Make small fragrance pendants: Small bottles of empty perfume or small perfume bottles are great for making perfume pendants. They've been quite the trend since the Victorian era! Fragrance pendants are used as necklaces, decorative belt hooks, and even as brooches to pin on your clothes. Come on, let's add a little glamour! 

11. Use near perfume bottles to refresh cabinets: If you have an empty perfume bottle, you can add a bit of camphor or some perfume oil, even if they have traces, and put them in your closet or underwear drawer. Remember to remove the cap here but keep the nozzle spraying.

12. You can donate old perfume bottles: If your perfume bottle is sometimes half full, your local charity might accept it! Otherwise, you can donate these bottles to DIY stores or students who want to repurpose them.

Recycling or reusing empty glass perfume bottles is a responsible choice. The earth will thank you!

The above introduces the use of old glass perfume bottles. If you want to buy new perfume glass bottles, please contact us.

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