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5 Proven Reasons to Buy Wholesale Glass Dropper Bottles

5 Proven Reasons to Buy Wholesale Glass Dropper Bottles

Issue Time:2022/06/06
Glass dropper bottles, commonly referred to as Euro Rounds, represent incredible value. Glass containers have a surprising variety of customization options, are easy to ship in bulk, and are very cost-effective. Let's dig a little deeper; here are 5 things to consider when buying a glass dropper bottle, and 5 compelling reasons to use a glass dropper.

They come in a variety of sizes

Glass dropper bottles can be small or relatively large. Glass dropper bottles range in size from 5ml to 100ml, with many incremental sizes in between. Whether you're bottling small medicinal products or essential oils to apply drop by drop, or large quantities of medication, there's a bottle size to suit your needs.

They are a safe storage method

Glass dropper bottles allow you to store a variety of mixtures, drugs, and chemicals. Glass dropper bottles are mainly used for storing and transporting items such as eye drops, liquid medicines, CBD products, essential oils, ear protection medicines, hair care products and other hygiene products such as soaps or shampoos. Smart upgrade lovers around the world have also found ways to reuse these versatile, safe bottles to accommodate almost anything.

What makes them so useful?

The dropper bottle is inert due to the manufacturing process used to make the glass. This means that the few additional materials used in the manufacturing process will not seep into the contents of the bottles and contaminate them. They are very easy to transport and store and are a naturally reusable resource that can be reused or recycled no matter what they contain inside.

They come in many colors

The color of the glass dropper bottle is important. While color can be used to make a product more attractive and add branding to your dropper, color isn't just for show. Colored bottles, especially amber bottles, help prevent chemical changes in the bottle by blocking harmful UV rays from interacting with the liquid inside.

DAS offers a range of colored bottle options including black, green, blue, and amber, ideal for marketing purposes and to protect the integrity of the contents inside.

There is a choice between dropper insertion

The dropper insert is an accessory used to manage the contents of the bottle in single drop increments. Typically, dropper inserts are used with eye drops, ear drops, or hair care products.

There are two types of dropper inserts available: vertical and horizontal. Both offer users excellent control when dispensing bottle contents, with the horizontal dropper insert offering users a slight advantage, especially when it comes to self-administration solutions like eye drops.

There are a wide variety of bottle caps available

If you don't need a dropper insert, there are several types of caps available to keep bottle contents from spilling in transit. They come in two different categories: allocated and non-allocated.

The dispensing cap has a pipette extending down into the bottle. A common type of dispensing closure is a spherical syringe, usually paired with a dropper. Non-dispensing caps do not have a pipette but may be otherwise very similar. Both types usually come with child resistant (CRC) or tamper resistant (TE) mechanisms.

Wholesale advantage

Glass dropper bottles are versatile and convenient. They come with a surprising amount of customization options and can be used for an almost unlimited number of purposes. The biggest advantage of using glass dropper bottles is that when you buy them wholesale, they increase in value without worrying about the environmental impact. If you want to buy glass dropper bottles, welcome to contact us.

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These euro black glass dropper bottles are perfect for essential oil, aromatherapy, tincture, face serum, beard oil, etc.
These amber glass essential oil dropper bottles are ideal for essential oil, aromatherapy, tincture, serum, beard oil, etc.
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