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How to Pack Glass Bottles for Shipping?

How to Pack Glass Bottles for Shipping?

Issue Time:2022/05/11
Due to their excellent stability, glass bottles are suitable containers for liquids. However, glass bottles are fragile, and packaging and shipping glass bottles require extra care to ensure your package arrives safely. Wrap your bottles individually in bubble wrap, use 2 sturdy cardboard boxes, and fill any empty spaces with packing material. If you pack carefully and mark the box as fragile, you can ship your bottle with confidence! The following are the detailed packaging steps for glass bottles.

Prepare the box

1. Use a box large enough to hold the packaged bottle and extra filling. Make sure the box is sturdy and has no holes or tears. While you can usually get a used box from a retailer for free, it's better to buy a new one rather than use a worn or flimsy one.

2. Find a second box that is 6 inches larger in each dimension. To make your packaging more secure, it is best to keep your bottles in a 2-layer box. Look for a box that, when placed inside, leaves about 3 inches of padding on each side of the smaller box.

3. Seal the bottoms of both boxes with packing tape. Use packing tape at least 2 inches wide. Fold the 2 opposing flaps together, then fold the remaining 2 flaps on top and seal with tape. You should use a long piece of tape in the middle where the 2 outer flaps meet, then tape the 2 sides perpendicular to that line to form an H.

For added security, put a piece of tape on the bottom of the box to seal the interior flap.

4. Line the bottom of the large box with packing material. Packing peanuts or bubble wrap is ideal because the paper won't absorb as much shock if the package is shaken or dropped. Lay a layer of packing material at least 3 inches deep in larger boxes.

Packaging glass bottle

1. Wrap the bottle individually in bubble wrap. If you use small bubble wrap, you should wrap each bottle at least 4 times. If you are using a large bubble wrap, 2 times should be enough. You will need about 3 inches of bubble wrap around each bottle.

You can hold the bubble wrap in place with Scotch tape, or use a rubber band to hold it in place.

You can also buy a divider pack, which separates the bottles so they don't bump into each other, but if you do, it's a good idea to wrap them in at least one layer of bubble wrap.

Divided packaging containers are usually available at shipping supply stores and may come in the form of boxes or insert boxes.

3. If they contain liquid, seal each bottle in a plastic bag. This will prevent them from leaking if any of them break in transit. You can also seal the cap with electrical tape if you are concerned about leaks.

This is especially important for carbonated liquids like beer and kombucha, which are more likely to pop during shipping.

3. Pack the smaller box into the larger box. Place the smaller box roughly in the middle of the larger box on top of the padding layer, and fill the sides of the smaller box with more packing material. It should be packed tightly enough that it won't move when you shake the larger box.

4. Put the bottle in the box. If the bottles contain liquid, keep them upright. If not, you can place them in the most suitable location. Make sure to leave at least 3 inches of space between the bottle and the side of the box.

5. Fill any empty spaces in the box with packing material. After placing the bottles in the box, wrap them around on all sides with packing material. You should also stuff some packing material between the bottles to keep them from moving around.

Be careful not to pack the box too tightly. Add packing material until the bottle doesn't move when you shake the box.

Box and label

1. Write the shipping address on the card and put it in the box. This will help prevent your bottle from getting lost if something goes wrong with the package and the address label is damaged. Write the recipient and return address on a piece of paper and put it in the box.

2. Seal the two boxes with tape. Tape the inner box in the middle and on both sides in an H-shape using at least 2" wide packing tape. Add more packing material on top and tape the larger box in the same way.

3. Remove or scratch off any labels on the outer box. To ensure your package arrives at its destination on time, check the entire outside of the box and make sure there are no labels or barcodes. If there are, peel them off with a marker or black them out completely.

4. Write the delivery address clearly on the top of the outer box. Double check to make sure your address is correct. 

Indicate your return address on the box.

5. Write "Fragile" in capital letters on each side of the box. If you ship bottles frequently, you may want to buy "Fragile" stamps. You can also have a post office employee stamp it for you, but it's best to write it yourself, just in case.

It's also a good idea to write "this side up" with an arrow pointing to the top on each side, especially when shipping bottles with liquids.

The above describes the packaging steps of glass bottles in detail. If you plan to buy glass bottles, please contact us.

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