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Reasons to Use Amber Glass Bottles when Packaging Beauty Products

Reasons to Use Amber Glass Bottles when Packaging Beauty Products

Issue Time:2022/04/13
Designing a range of beauty products is no easy task. So many details go into planning and making the perfect merchandise. 

Makeup, lotion, or lip balm for a new business must be installed on the correct packaging before your product marketing process begins. Choosing the right packaging is a lot more complicated than choosing the cheapest or prettiest. Different materials, and even seemingly random design elements like color, do have a key impact on the merchandise stored within.

So there are many great reasons to use amber glass bottles when packaging beauty products. Some of these reasons are closely related to why chemically delicate essential oils are best stored in glass. 

What's more, some of the same factors cause drugs and even most alcohol to be packaged in amber glass bottles. Setting aside the decorative design elements of the packaging, the amber glass bottle is beautiful on its own and useful packaging material.

Glass is a safer material choice

Beauty products are often packaged in a number of different materials. The most common varieties are glass and plastic. Often, people opt for plastic trays and jars that are highly available and low-cost. However, not all cosmetics are suitable for different types of plastics. 

While it looks solid enough, even plastic is made up of chemical molecules. Different plastics have different reactivity depending on the type used, so they are not safe for general use. To properly store a product for use on the skin, it must first be free of any potentially harmful ingredients. It must then be packaged in a material that is safe and does not leach any chemical components into the goods stored in it.

Glass is one such container. It is inherently inert after casting and requires no additional handling or liners to keep it that way. So it's no surprise that high-quality balms and lotions are often sold in glass jars. Rest assured that your fine items are safe in the glass and will be as fresh and healthy as the day they were packed.

What happens when makeup meets sunlight?

One of the reasons why amber glass bottles are used when packaging beauty products is simply to prevent damage. Ideally, cosmetics and beauty products have a place to store in a shelf or drawer in a customer's home. 

However, this is not always the case as many people lack extra storage space to store all their belongings and grooming supplies. Many people like to store their makeup within easy reach, and all favorite makeup ends up scattered and exposed to light on a tabletop or bathroom counter. 

Although these storage methods are common, none of them are true sun protection, causing many makeups and makeup lovers to routinely lose beloved items that are rendered worthless by sun exposure.

As comfortable as the bright, warm sun is, it's the worst nightmare for beauty products. Ultraviolet rays and the heat of the sun can destroy cosmetic ingredients, sometimes even dangerously. 

Sunlight causes lotions and creams to break down into separate states by breaking down emulsifiers that bind water and oil components. The nail polish becomes sticky and hard, leaving thick streaks on the nails instead of being smooth and shiny. 

Other types of makeup can also separate as well as melt, harden or soften, and sometimes even become pigmented. Finally, we're all familiar with how a sunny day can bleach any color left in the sun long enough. It can also happen with makeup, where red pigments in palettes and lipsticks are especially vulnerable.

The protective quality of the blue light barrier

As mentioned, glass provides a unique type of protection through its color. The amber barrier blocks harmful UV rays or other light and color waves. Many people may be surprised to learn that sunlight alone can alter the chemical balance of an item. For this reason, many products, such as cosmetics, include instructions for storing in a cool place.

Fine cosmetics are fragile and sensitive. Heat and sunlight can damage them. By choosing to pack items in higher quality containers from the start, businesses can rest easy knowing that every delivery will maintain its high standards. What's more, this amazing defense doesn't have to come at a high price. 

Buy amber glass bottles wholesale, as affordable as many other packaging options. Businesses will save money and won't need special equipment or routine changes to pass on these savings and the container's added protective nature.

Unique retro charm

It hardly needs instructions, but the amber glass is gorgeous. It uniquely captures light that transparent containers and other colors of glass simply cannot. 

What's more, it has a real country charm. The rich golden-brown tone goes well with the idea of antique drugstores and perfumes from long ago. There's a mystique about it that luxury and beauty makers know how to use their strengths. 

Many brands use this glass color purely for the elegance factor, pairing it with classic formulas and retro vintage. It's also ideal for beauty brands looking to emphasize handcrafted and independent designer looks.

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