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Advantages of Glass Storage Containers

Advantages of Glass Storage Containers

Issue Time:2022/03/17
The many benefits of glass storage containers make them more and more favored by medical institutions, the beverage industry, etc. So what are the benefits of glass storage containers, you can find the answer here.

1. Glass is safer than plastic

Glass is generally safer than plastic for food storage. Chemicals in plastic containers can migrate from the plastic into your food. This usually happens when hot food is put into a plastic or during microwave heating.

Glass food storage containers do not leach unwanted toxic chemicals that come into contact with food. Glass is an inert and non-porous natural material. The glass container does not have any leaks and is safe for repeated use.

2. Environmentally friendly

The production and disposal of plastics present many environmental concerns. Plastic waste is the most obvious form of pollution affecting the environment. Plastic production also releases toxic chemicals into the air. Plastic-free reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in the waste stream. Once you buy a glass storage container, you can use it almost indefinitely. Broken glass containers can be recycled. Recycling glass is cost-effective and the process does not affect the quality of the glass.

3. Glass retains heat better than plastic

Plastic containers deform when exposed to hot food. Reheating foods in plastic containers can cause them to melt, which increases the likelihood of chemical leaching.

After dinner, you don't need to wait for the food to cool completely before transferring leftovers to a glass container. When food is heated like plastic food containers, there is no need to worry about the transfer of toxic chemicals.

4. Colored glass protects from light and UV rays

Glass bottles with low transparency such as amber and white can block light and ultraviolet rays, which is conducive to the storage of items in the glass storage container. For example, light and ultraviolet rays will affect the microorganisms in the wine, especially the ultraviolet rays will cause the temperature of the wine to rise, causing changes in nutrients such as alcohol acids and esters, and affecting the taste of the wine. When we do chemical experiments, the increase in temperature will also cause uncontrollable situations to occur when we do chemical experiments.

5. Good stability

The glass container has very good chemical stability and will not be corroded by alcohol and acids, so it will not dissolve the silicate in the glass into the wine. However, after long-term storage of wine, a little organic acid will be produced, and ethyl acetate with a strong aroma will be formed, so it is very suitable to use glass for storage. Therefore, most of the wines circulating on the market are bottled in glass.

Glass is the perfect storage container to ensure that the food you put in it is healthier and hygienic, if you want to know more, you can contact us.

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