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How to Achieve the Standardization of Medicinal Glass Bottles?

How to Achieve the Standardization of Medicinal Glass Bottles?

Issue Time:2022/03/12
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In recent years, Chinese medicinal glass industry has developed rapidly, the construction of medicinal glass standardization system has been paid more and more attention, and the entire standard system is gradually being established and improved. The industry standard on the size and appearance of medicinal glass in my country will be promulgated and implemented in the near future. This standard is scientific, advanced and practical, and it is of great significance to promote the healthy development of the entire industry.

In response to this situation, starting from July 2005, the Professional Committee of Glass Containers of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association began to organize the formulation of association standards, recommending industry unified specifications, dimensions and appearance quality. The association standard unifies the specifications, dimensions and appearance of medicinal glass products such as medicinal glass tubes, medicinal glass infusion bottles, and glass controlled oral liquid bottles.

The vice president of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association pointed out that in the development history of medicinal glass products, standardization has always played a vital role. In particular, the pharmaceutical packaging standard (YBB) promulgated by the State Food and Drug Administration emphasizes the physical and chemical properties of medicinal glass, which is of great significance to ensure the quality and safety of drugs.

However, the YBB standard is a standard of use. According to the usual international model, the specifications and dimensions are included in the recommended items. There are no sampling plans and judgment rules. There are few descriptions of the appearance and quality. The role of the quality level judgment basis. This has caused confusion in the specifications and dimensions of medicinal glass products and irregular appearance to some extent, and also led to a waste of social resources.

Pharmaceutical glass is a packaging material that directly contacts medicines, occupies a large proportion in the field of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and has irreplaceable performance and advantages. Its standards have a crucial impact on the quality of pharmaceutical packaging and the development of the industry.

Shen Changzhi, director of the Medicinal Glass Expert Committee of the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association and vice chairman of the Glass Branch of the China Silicate Society, pointed out that the association's standards are an important part of the standardization system and an important supplement to national standards and corporate standards.

It can play a guiding role in the production of medicinal glass products enterprises, and can also restrain the production and operation behavior of enterprises, so that the quality level of similar products can be compared.

The relevant standards for medicinal glass in my country should be in line with international standards. In addition to chemical stability and biocompatibility issues, the focus and connection of producer standards and user standards should also be clarified. Only by closely coordinating scientific and technological development, standard development and market development, can standards have market adaptability and international competitiveness.

The pharmaceutical glass standard system that has been initially formed still has many problems that need to be further improved, improved and perfected, especially to adapt to the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and the requirements of international market integration. The pharmaceutical glass bottles produced by DAS Packaging are fully compliant with the standards of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, and we offer different sizes and models.

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