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How to Cut Glass Bottles?

How to Cut Glass Bottles?

Issue Time:2022/01/07
a variety of methods for cutting glass bottles

Many people throw away glass bottles directly after they have used them. In fact, glass bottles have multiple uses and can be reused. If we want to transform the glass bottle into a vase or pen holder, we need to cut the glass bottle. In order for everyone to cut glass bottles smoothly and get a smooth cutting surface, we have summarized the following methods for reference.

Cut your bottle with flame

1. Scribe a line on the glass bottle

Find a line to cut your bottle. As for the line to cut, you can find a glass cutter or glass drill. If possible, you can find a bracket to fix the bottle so that you can draw the line more neatly.

2. Heat your bottle

To heat your glass bottle along the scribed area, you can use an electric welding or butane nozzle heat it. Aim the flame at the line drawn on the glass bottle and keep rotating the bottle so that the flame heats on each side of the bottle.

3. Immerse the bottle in cold water

After you bake the bottle with a fire for five minutes, quickly put it in cold water to cool down. It can be done in a sink or pot with cold water.

4. Repeat the process

You may need to repeat the heating and cooling process several times to break the bottle.

5. Sand the edge of the bottle

Use sandpaper to polish the broken glass bottle. When you want to sand sharp places, you can use very fine sandpaper.
Cut your bottle with boiling water

1. Scribe a line on the glass bottle

You need to find a clear line as the target where you want to cut and use a glass cutter or glass drill to draw a line. Don't draw too many lines, it may make your bottle become irregular after cutting.

2. Prepare the water

You need to let the bottle expand in hot water and shrink in cold water to break the bottle. You need to keep the glass bottle soaked in cold water and hot water alternately until the bottle breaks.

3. Repeatedly soaking in hot and cold water

After repeating it several times, the bottle may break neatly along the drawn line.

4. Sand the edge of the bottle

Sand the bottle with sandpaper, and when the edges are basically neat, sand with fine sandpaper.

Use a string to cut the bottle

1. Tie a string on the bottle

At the place, you want to cut, wrap the string around the bottle three to five times. Tie the rope together and remove the excess part.

2. Soak the string in acetone

Slide the thread off the bottom of the glass bottle and put it on a small plate. Pour in acetone until the thread is completely wetted (note that acetone is irritating and flammable, it needs to be used with care, wear protective equipment, and be careful to stay away from the fire). After soaking the rope, take back the excess acetone and put it away.

3. Wrap the bottle with rope again

Tie the rope where you want to cut, make sure the rope is tightly wound together, or your bottle will not be neat even if it cracks.

4. Ignite the thread

You can ignite the rope with a match or a lighter. Rotate the rope slowly to make the rope burn.

5. Put the bottle in cold water

After the rope burns, immerse the glass bottle directly in cold water. The bottle should break neatly along the place where the thread is entangled.

6. Sand the bottle

Use coarse sandpaper to smooth out the jagged edges of the bottle. When you want to sand sharp corners, you can use fine sandpaper to finish.

Use an electric grinder to cut the bottle

1. Mark the cutting position

You will cut your glass bottle along this place. Two pieces of tape can be used to mark the location, but not too tight or too wide. It is best to form a line where you want to cut.

2. Cut the bottle

Slowly cut the glass bottle with an electric grinder along the cutting line you determined. If you want to cut more neatly, you may repeat it a few more times.

3. Polish the bottle

Use coarse sandpaper to sand the rough areas first, and then sand the sharp areas with fine sandpaper.

When using the above methods to cut glass bottles, we need to pay attention to all the temperature should be increased slowly, otherwise, the glass bottles will burst easily. DAS Packaging can not only share relevant knowledge about glass bottles but also provide users with diversified choices.

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