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What Factors Affect the Price of Glass Liquor Bottles?

What Factors Affect the Price of Glass Liquor Bottles?

Issue Time:2021/12/03
what factors affect the price of glass liquor bottles

The glass liquor bottle has good sealing performance and beautiful appearance design, which is deeply loved by the public. When shopping, everyone not only cares about the quality and appearance of the glass bottle but also the price. DAS Packaging shared with you the following factors that affect the price of glass liquor bottles, hoping to help you choose products better.

Cost of production

The factors that determine the price of glass liquor bottles firstly depend on the production cost. glass liquor bottles can be divided into green material, ordinary white, high white, milky white, crystal white, etc. The raw materials used in different glass liquor bottles are different. Among them, green material is the cheapest, and crystal white is the most expensive. It looks like the same glass product on the outside, and the price is very different.

In the selection, we can choose according to the specific user needs and requirements, and the actual use standards and methods are determined, which can fully demonstrate the certain performance and advantages of glass liquor bottles.

The tightness of the bottle body and cap

Bottle caps are mainly used for sealing. The types of bottle caps are classified into plastic caps, glass caps, aluminum caps, and aluminum-plastic combined caps according to materials. Plastic caps are divided into three groups, five groups, and seven groups according to their structure; aluminum cover is divided into aluminum skin cover and alumina cover; glass cover is divided into solid glass cover and hollow glass cover.

Quality standard

Different manufacturers have different product quality standards, such as refractive index, internal stress, shock resistance, and other indicators, which are not distinguished by professionals. Different standard requirements will lead to different qualities of glass liquor bottles and natural prices.

Production equipment

There is a big gap in the hardware facilities, technical equipment, and comprehensive quality of manufacturers. The quality and performance of glass liquor bottles produced by different equipment are slightly different. When purchasing, you must check the situation of the production equipment.

In addition to the above factors, the price of glass liquor bottles is also affected by factors such as packaging and MOQ. When buying glass liquor bottles, many people only pay attention to the price, thus ignoring the safety and durability of the glass bottle. DAS Packaging provides you with various types and specifications of glass liquor bottles at competitive prices, and we also provide comprehensive customization services to meet your packaging needs.

As a professional glass container manufacturer, we have a complete supply chain and can manufacture reliable and high-quality products for the food, beverage, personal care industry, etc. Our goal is to deliver One-Stop world-class packaging solutions that exceed your expectations, and service that is second to none. If you want to buy high-quality glass liquor bottles and get more information about our customized service, please contact us immediately!
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