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How to Choose High-quality Glass Bottles?

How to Choose High-quality Glass Bottles?

Issue Time:2021/09/22
 the methods to judge whether the quality of the glass bottle is qualified

High-quality glass bottles have a certain degree of chemical stability and do not interact with the contents. It also has a certain degree of shock resistance and mechanical strength, can withstand heating and cooling processes such as washing and sterilization, and withstand vibrations and shocks encountered in the filling, storage, and transportation. When we choose, we can use the following methods to judge whether the quality of the glass bottle is qualified.

Observe whether the workmanship of the glass bottle is fine

Exquisite processing technology can ensure the purity and transparency of the glass bottle body. If the glass bottle appears to have many impurities and bubbles, it will appear very rough and affect the appearance of the glass bottle.

Smell whether the glass bottle has a pungent odor

When purchasing, you can smell the glass bottle. If it has a pungent smell, it is not recommended to buy it. This kind of glass bottle may be manufactured with ingredients that are harmful to the human body. High-quality glass bottles are almost tasteless.

Pay attention to whether there are cracks in the inner and outer layers of the glass bottle

Cracked glass bottles are prone to bursting after being filled with hot water, which may burn yourself, so when choosing a glass bottle, you must carefully observe whether the bottle body has cracks.

Measure the thickness of the bottle

In terms of material and quality, try to choose thicker glass bottles, so that they can be insulated and wear-resistant to a certain extent. If the glass bottle is relatively thin, it means that its thermal insulation effect is not good, and it is not resistant to falling or abrasion.

Observe the material of the glass bottle

There are many kinds of materials for making glass bottles on the market, but the material of choice for high-end and delicate glass bottles is high borosilicate glass. This kind of glass bottle has excellent heat and cold resistance, abrasion resistance, and drop resistance, and will not break the glass bottle due to drastic temperature changes. Therefore, when buying a glass bottle, you must pay attention to what material is used for this glass bottle.

See if there is a logo on the bottle

Qualified glass bottles have manufacturer information, production date, and various certification marks on the outer packaging. If these are not available, it is not recommended to buy them.

If you need to consider the price when choosing, we should also be careful not to buy inferior products because of greed for cheap, which will have a great impact on subsequent use. If you want a glass bottle that meets your actual needs after reading the above content, you can directly search for the product on the DAS Packing website and contact us.

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