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What Are the Different Types of Glass Bottles?

What Are the Different Types of Glass Bottles?

Issue Time:2021/09/07

As a common container and packaging, glass bottles are rich in variety and can meet the different needs of different occasions. According to different uses, we have classified the glass bottles as follows.

Wine bottle

Alcohol production is very large, almost all of which are packaged in glass bottles, mainly small-mouth round bottles.

The cross-section of the round wine bottle is round, and it is a high-strength wine bottle that is widely used. Some wine bottles have a square cross-section, which is lower in strength than round bottles and more difficult to manufacture, so they are rarely used. There is also an oval wine bottle, although small in size, it has a unique shape and is popular with users.

The smallmouth wine bottle generally has an inner diameter of less than 20mm, which is mostly used for packaging liquid materials such as soft drinks and beer.

Canned bottles

There are many kinds of canned foods, and the output is large, so it is self-contained. Wide-mouth bottles are often used, the capacity is generally 0.2 ~ 0.5L. The wide-mouth bottle is a glass bottle with an inner diameter of 20-30mm. It looks relatively stubby.

Beverage bottles

Beverage glass bottles are generally used to hold juice, soda, or some alcoholic beverages. They are generally designed with transparent packaging with a lid, which can not only seal the beverage to prevent deterioration but also make it easier for people to see the type of beverage. The body of the beverage bottle is also very suitable for affixed with a custom label, which is convenient for promotion. There are many choices for the size of the mouth of the beverage bottle, the common one is the smallmouth type.

Cosmetics packaging bottles

Glass is one of the most commonly used materials in cosmetics packaging. This material guarantees optimum product preservation and is also recyclable. 

According to the actual needs of each product, the glass bottles will have different shapes and designs, which will not only enhance the function of the container but also ensure the correct preservation of cosmetics. For example, the design of a dropper bottle can well control the number of cosmetics. The brown essence bottle can also prevent the essence from contacting the sun.

Medical bottles

This is a glass bottle used for packaging medicines. There are brown small mouth bottles with a capacity of 10~200mL, infusion bottles of 100~1000mL, fully sealed ampoules, etc. The brown glass bottle can prevent the medicine in it from being exposed to direct sunlight and changing its properties.

Chemical reagent bottles

It is used for packaging various chemical reagents. The capacity is generally 250~1200mL. The bottle mouth is mostly screw or ground. Brown bottles are often used in chemical reagent bottles. The principle is the same as that of medicine bottles, in order to avoid direct sunlight.

In addition to the above types and functions, glass bottles can also be used to package various small daily commodities, such as ink, glue, etc. Because of the wide variety of commodities, the bottle shape and sealing are also various. If you need glass bottles that meet your actual needs, please contact us to learn about the corresponding customized services. We will provide you with various types of high-quality glass bottles.

As a professional glass bottle container and packaging manufacturer, we are committed to providing high-quality glass bottles for the personal care and food and beverage industries. Our professional technical team can turn your ideas into products and provide comprehensive customized services and solutions. If you want to buy our high-quality glass bottles, please contact us immediately!
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