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our mission is to save our customer's time and save costs througn glass packaging products and service
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Das Packing is a leading supplier of premium and specialty glass packaging for the food and beverage, personal care industry.

Das packing has 25+ years’ experience. DAS PACKING produces glass bottles and glass jars with various shapes and sizes. We can turn your creative concept into a real product to realize personalization and branding.Our goal is to deliver One-Stop world class packaging solutions that exceed your expectations, and service that is second to none. our mission is to save our customer's time and costs through glass packaging products and service. If you've got the idea or product, we’ve got the package.

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Customers and consumers both have similar concerns:

Environmental factors, health conditions and the sustainable procurement of raw materials are important factors in making purchasing decisions. Glass is a healthy and high-quality packaging material with a permanent and sustainable life cycle. Glass can be used repeatedly.

if you've got the idea or product,we've got the package